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This “THE REAL AGILE” Book, is a companion to our 2 Part set of “What Is Real Agile” High Definition Video courses. These 2 courses, build the foundation of the Agile Philosophy that is essential to understand if you wish to be at all successful in building products with Frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Feature Driven Development, etc. As well as the Scaled Frameworks such as SAFe, Nexxus, Scaled Scrum, LEss, Disciplined Agile, etc. This Course Companion obviously is not an in-depth dive into Agile, since the courses are about 6 hours long altogether. However, it will give you an understanding of what AGILE is all about.

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"The Real AGILE" eBook Content

Chapter 1: The Concept Of Agile

An in-depth perspective of what it is to be truly Agile in Product Development. We discuss the fact that many organizations proudly announce the fact that they use Agile techniques, but they do not achieve the benefits of being Agile. Why?

Chapter 2: The Definition Of Agile

We examine definitions of Agile as laid out by the Subject Matter Experts who have developed some of the more popular Agile Frameworks. This allows us to begin to understand what if really means to be Agile.

Chapter3: Why CHANGE?

As we begin to understand the true essence of Agile, we now look at why it is important that in the Product Development World, we allow ourselves to continually adapt and change our business needs.

Chapter 4: Agile vs. Waterfall

The Agile process of Product Development is svery different than what we have traditionally called the Waterfall way of product development as created by Winston Royce. We expalin it all in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Next Steps

Once you have an understanding of the Agile Philosophy, where do you go from there. We cover it all in this chapter. How do you achieve SUCCESS!

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