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This SCRUM Book, SCRUM101,  is a companion to our 9 Hour High Definition Video course. The course, SCRUM; The MasterClass is the newest PSM1 Scrum Certification, preparation course. This Course Companion obviously is not a in-depth dive into Scrum, since the course is 9 hours long. However it will give you an understanding what Scrum is all about.

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SCRUM101 eBook Content

Chapter 1: SCRUM: An Introduction

An in-dpeth prespective of the differences between Waterfall, the traditional "fixed" linear Product Development process and the Agile Process, Adaptive SCRUM.

Chapter 2: SCRUM; Where It All Began

The beginnings of the Scrum Adaptive Framework. Where it started and who were the founding "Fathers" and why they created the Agile Framework.

Chapter3: SCRUM; The Explanation

SCRUM: An explanation of Scrum Theory, the Key Roles on a Scrum Team along with the responsibilities of these Key Scrum Roles.

Chapter 4: SCRUM; The Phases and Ceremonies

The Scrum Phases and the Ceremonies within these phases: Scrum Planning, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, Backlog Grooming, The Sprint Review, and The Sprint Retrospective.

Chapter 5: SCRUM; The Summary

How all this comes together to deliver this Agile Adaptive Framework called SCRUM!

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